After graduation – How to build your job career in Bangladesh


To build a sound job career in Bangladesh, every graduate participates in job hunting process from an earlier age. Many start to look for a part-time/full-time job starting from the first year of under graduation program. Many of them start working part-time, works such as salesman, restaurant attendant, super shop salesman, receptionist, brand promoters, call center attendant, online freelancing and many more. But for those, who can’t start their career at an early age, the time after graduation seems the most challenging time for them. For the one’s having a clear plan, future will be bright and shiny after graduation. But for the rest of you who has not decided any future plan to pursue, it’s might not be easy. Have you ever given a thought about the following questions,

  • What’s your plan right after graduation?
  • Which type of career would you like to choose?
  • What type of lifestyle did you plan to live?

Well, you might give it a thought, but to be honest you are just clueless. There are various options to take after university and everyone has their own unique journeys. You may go for post-graduation, find a job, go for entrepreneurship or take a break! You may choose any of these, but the point is you need to be serious about anything you choose.

  • Want a job? Get prepared to compete and go for it. Jot down the company names or job types that suits your qualification, keep your eye on the job circulars and make a great CV and start sending it to the right one. Remember never settle for a small company that has nothing to offer you unless paycheck. Always try to compete for best brands, multi-national companies and companies which have a good profile and reputation. You may get paid less initially in many high profile companies when many low profile companies may pay you more, but this won’t make you better for the future. Even if you get free internship offer on probation in a reputed company, then go for it. Finding a job may take a while. Be careful in preparing your CV, until getting hired for a full-time job you can try some part-time jobs, volunteering, and internship.
  • You can start a business, be entrepreneurship. If you can’t find a dream job and don’t want to settle for just a job, then go for your own company. To turn your creative ideas into reality and profession, will be an extremely intelligent decision for sure. It’s not mandatory that everybody has to do a job, right! In that case, create your own employment on your own.
  • Or, you can still continue your education and get enrolled for a master’s degree. If you think you should start earning and can’t keep studying then it will be a great mistake. You may have to suffer in the long run. In Bangladesh, master’s degree holders are considered as more qualified than a graduate. After all, there is no limit to learning.


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