Career Tips for you and your friends to build your career


A person’s career choice should suit his abilities, skills, ambitions, and ideas that determine the success of life. You should know the qualities you possess, aspirations you have and recognize your assets to understand yourself & ensure you can make full use of them.

Knowledge: The knowledge we gather in our student life never goes in vain. The subjects or courses have you studied will always guard your job life, only if you keep practicing the knowledge you have gathered. So, be sure of how much do you remember still or not.

Skills: Be sure of the skills you are good at and not. Never mention a skill that you know but can’t perform. But keep practicing to become good at the skill you have learned. Don’t forget or give up. Because every single quality counts.

Experience: Every single experience is useful. Don’t fear to earn more experience that might contribute to your future career. Even a silly part-time job that you have done earlier can be proven an extra add on for the current job you are applying.

Interests: Be sure of the hobbies you have and don’t hesitate to share them with others. Suppose, you play cricket very well and the workplace you are interested in arranges cricket match every year.

Knowing Your Aspirations: You should think about your ambitions and want to achieve with your life. A great way of doing this is to set goals. The Personal Goal setting helps one to think through what she/he wants to achieve in life in important areas such as career, family, and art or in sports.

Keep it in mind, over time your priorities will probably change. Many people focus completely on their careers in their 20s as they make a place for themselves in society. In their 30s, they may give more family focus. It’s quite common that people tend to focus more on family and living once they become stable at work.


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