Make a Great Impression The Day You Join in a New Job


Finding a job is hard, but once you get the job things get more challenging. The joining day at your workplace is all about getting along with your colleagues, doing paper works, preparing your work station, knowing about your work responsibilities and sometimes you may have to start working with a little task.

  1. Get the documents ready

The first day at the new office may keep you busy in filling up forms and submitting documents. Most of the time it’s seen that the newcomer forget to bring the necessary documents with him. Which may annoy the HR, since the document activities tend to stretch longer. So make sure to bring all the necessary documents that you may be asked for.

  1. Try to learn more about the company

Yes we know before attending the interview, you have learned a lot about the company. After getting hired you should not stop learning at this point. If you want to impress your boss you should keep learning more about your company. Read brochures, company profile, or check official LinkedIn/Facebook page to keep up to date about the company.

  1. Maintain the proper dress code

Newcomer should select his or her attire carefully. It may vary by company rules, many companies don’t like to abide by the rules of corporate culture. As a result, they may don’t follow any dress code. Try to know about the company dress code and HR policies before you join and act accordingly.

  1. Be on time

Never be late on the first day at your office. Try to start your journey from home to reach early at the office and make sure you don’t have to face traffic. Arriving your workplace on time will help you grab attention and respect from your seniors and colleagues.

  1. Keep necessary accessories

Carry a pen and paper in your bag or in your pocket. Well, it may sound silly, but it’s important as well. You never know you will get the things ready on your desk since you are just joining! There might no pen or paper in need. You should prepare yourself with your own stationery. You may need them when your supervisor or HR will brief you about important things or in time of paperwork.


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