The Top 4 Commonly Asked Questions & Answers To The Interview


Once a job circular is published, the tension of facing a job interview arises right away. Many relevant and irrelevant thoughts may come in your mind. Well, there are a few common types of interview questions that almost every interviewee has to face. Among them, we have chosen the common 4 questions. They are definitely going to help you in your ultimate interview wars!

  1. Give us the reasons why should we hire you?

Ans:  You may answer by describing the qualifications and experiences you have relevant to the post you applied. You can mention your work experience, total year of experience, any relevant professional training and describe how they will benefit the company if they hire you.

  1. Tell us about your goals.

Ans: If you have not decided on your goal yet, then you should start thinking by now. You must set short term and long term goals separately. Such as, your short term goal can be to get appointed to a company you prefer. Your long term goal is to contribute to the progress of the company you will work and to grow with the company.

  1. Why do you want to leave the current job/ left your last job?

Ans: This question requires a sensitive answer. Even if you had a tough time in your old office due to office politics or some unethical issues, you can’t talk ill about your old workplace. Because this behavior will damage your image only but none others. So you can easily give the answer in short. You may say that you are looking for a better option to learn which wasn’t possible in your earlier job or a good increase than your current salary. You may also show your valid interest in experiencing a new company culture, such as you want to work in a group of companies to see how it operates.

  1. What is your expected salary?

Ans: Never lose this question by saying “Well, it depends on your company rules” or “I have no idea you better tell me how much you offer”. Remember, it’s an advantage. Unless you are very needy for a job, you should share your expectation.

You can start the conversation by asking how much they like to offer for the post you applied. If they answer that’s fine, if they don’t, that’s fine as well. In either way, unless the salary figure is satisfactory considering your qualifications, you should let them know your expected salary amount. Don’t forget to mention that you are always open for a negation depending on the further offerings. 


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