What To Do When You Get Fired


Suppose, if you get fired, feelings of embarrassment, worthlessness, self-pity, shame and depression, will come up in your mind. There is no surprise that getting terminated is like losing out your identity because in a stage you will get identified by your job. To have a successful career ahead, you have to bounce back better and stronger than you have done ever. Remember no one is going to hire you, if you keep feeling sorry for yourself. Well to get yourself on the track try things like these –Get well soon!

Losing your job is not the end of the world! Nobody is telling you start looking for a new job as soon as you got fired. You are still filled with shame, anger and judgment, as if you are at fault. You will miss the daily routine you got used to, the memories of colleagues, the sense of purpose you had- is no more! Accept the fact you are dealing with and take few days to pass it. Go ahead and let it out.

  • Comparing kills

It is not at all a right time to compare your miserable life with the happy lives of others. You may feel envious of your friends or others, this will only accelerate your problems. So, do not compare your situation with others because comparing won’t bring you any better results further. And that’s not the way to move on. Look ahead as a better opportunity is knocking your door.

  • Loss can be an opportunity

It might sound weird but turn your job loss into an opportunity. Read the inspirational stories about people who failed terribly and how they came out as winners. When you encounter failure, the success tastes better. Getting fired can be a data point you can use to make better decision. Thrive for a better future!

  • Do a postmortem

You have to review what happened to see if there was anything that could have been done. Figure out the reasons for your termination. This step is not to blame people but learn something from it. Getting fired certainly means you probably have something’s to work on. Your better find out your shortcomings and ways to overcome these hardships. Go through the employer reviews again in order to get the real picture.

  • Know your value

In this period, your first and only focus should be on what you would do next. This is a very crucial time when many take wrong decision. Don’t take decision without considering your worth and don’t settle for something that is lowering your standard. This situation will pass soon, don’t go for a job that doesn’t grab your interest. Ask yourself the question that why did you left your previous job. Frame it in the best possible way without being dishonest. And work on those issue that decline your creativity.

  • Search for the job you want

Now you got over being fired, bridge the gap from where you are and where you want to go. Do you want to stay on the career path you are on? Or you want to bring some change? Tailor your resume and be updated.

  • Get out there

You have already done a lot of introspection and required updating, you are ready to go. Think positive. You will surely achieve success. The more you become hopeful and optimistic, the more successful you will become.


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